how to use chef's choice knife sharpener

How to Use Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener? [Need to Complete Only 3 Methods]

how to use chef's choice knife sharpener

Dull knives are always bad enough for cutting or cooking whatever knife you use, such as Chef, Utility, and others. If you have enough sharp knives, you can do things so fast or quickly without any risk or injury in your kitchen.

So, how to use Chef’s choice knife sharpener? Well, it is tricky enough to tell you in one word. For this reason, I am going to complete the whole process in 3-stages so that you can easily use the Chef’s choice knife sharpener. However, keep reading and use Chef’s choice knife sharpener without any problems.

How to Use Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener -436-3?

You may use your knife to cut fruits and vegetables or other things when it comes to such sharpened things. If you are a Chef knife user and now want to use a Chef choice knife sharpener, you can follow the below 3-stages.

Stage 1: Pull of Your Blade

First of all, you need to pull off your blade. Place your knife blade edge on stage 1 so that the slot and pull back lightly. After that, bring the blade’s edge close to the slot opening without any problems.

Drive the wedge as deep as possible, or you can do that. Note, you should not create much pressure, which may break your blade. Most important, you should keep in mind that the sharpener position at the knife should be 20-degrees when you are pulling.

After completing this task, you need to move the knife thoroughly to the stage 1 right slot. Now, you get the right position and time to sharpen the knife blade. Don’t forget to repeat another round for 1 stage on both sides. I would love to suggest that you should place the knife at least twice for each slot.

Stage 2: Need to Remove Burr from Knife

After completing the first stage, your knife is indeed considered sharpening. But, the knife may burr, which you need to remove. Keep in mind that it is a very risky task, and it may also harm you. Moving the knife out of the slot is very critical and risky enough. So, you should do it very carefully and take proper time.

Stage 3: Reapted the Process Again

 Though it is tricky enough, like the Gerber knife closing method you can complete the above 2-stages properly to sharpen the chef choice knife sharpener. Take your time and complete the above stages because there are serious tasks that you need to complete.

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