what is the hook for on a swiss army knife

What Is the Hook for on a Swiss Army Knife? [8 Best Examples]

what is the hook for on a swiss army knife

The Swiss army knife is a versatile knife because of its hook. Typically, this hook is used for multiple areas, which are truly helpful for a user. But, your mind may raise a question, what is the hook for on a swiss army knife?

In this article, I am going to share with you 8 hacks that allow you to know where you can use the hook of your Swiss army knife. So, are you ready to break down the 8 hacks when you have a Swiss army knife? Let me discuss this in detail.

What Is the Hook for on a Swiss Army Knife?

What Is the Hook for on a Swiss Army Knife
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From this section, you will get 8 hacks that help you to understand where you can use the hook on a Swiss army knife. After reading the article, I hope that you can easily clear your confusion and use the knife for more purposes.

1. Pulling Wires Or Strings Through Holes

This is one of the most common uses of the hook. You can put it in such a small place for your fingers and easily pull out staff. This method is widely used who are camping, hiking, and working in the sewing industry.

2. Mobile Stand

The Swiss army knife hook is also used for the mobile stand. The mobile stand helps you to use your phone in multiple areas easily. The hook is strong enough, and you can use your phone at a 90-degrees angle.

3. Keyring Hanger

This is another popular method among the people who fall in great problems hanging the keys. However, you can use a Swiss army knife hook for hanging any kind of space. The hook is ready to provide strong support.

4. Opening Door

You can use the Swiss army knife hook when you think that the door comes with the proper level and it is hard enough to reach your finger to open it. The hook helps you to reach the door and easily open the door comfortably.

5. Picking Up Hot Pots

If you plan to go camping and use hot pots, you can use the knife hook to pick them up safely. Though the method is not popular enough, you can comfortably do it when you don’t have any hands gloves.

6. Loosening Up Tight Knots

Loosening up the tight knots may be one of the most critical tasks when you haven’t other tools for loosening. However, you can easily loosen up the tight knots by using a knife hook, especially when you have a Swiss army knife.

7. Pull Zipper with Broken Pull Tabs

Pulling the broken pull tab is truly hard enough, and your nail may break down. But, a knife hook may be the perfect solution for you, which helps you a lot to hassle-free pull the zipper when it comes with broken pull tabs.

8. Use As a Hanger

This is just another example of a Swiss army knife hook using the method. Though you can’t hang lots of things or weighty things, you can easily hang your small elements on this hanger. I hope that you can understand.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What is the hook on the back of a pocket knife for?

Answer: The clip point is one of the best pocket knives which comes with a hook. The hook knife is also ready to provide perfect portability because of the changing experience. I hope that you may get your question answered.

Q: What do all the things on a Swiss Army knife do?

Answer: Generally, you can use the Swiss army knife with a hook for multiple purposes. You can check out the above 8 examples to use a knife that comes with hanging elements. So, before considering a Swiss army knife, you can check out the above 8 user-experience.

Q: Why do Swiss Army knives have corkscrews?

Answer: 3643 mini eyeglasses screwdriver used Swiss army knife because of comfortably use the Swiss army knife. It likes the ballpoint, which means you can comfortably use the knife screws and others.

Q: Is Swiss Army Knife allowed on planes?

Answer: Different countries have different rules for carrying on planes. If you pack it in a checked bag, you can carry the Swiss army. Som before using the Swiss army in your bag for traveling, you should contact and check out the ambiance.


No doubt, a Swiss army knife is an important tool for indoor and outdoor as well as carry all-day-long. So, if you think that you need more points for using the Swiss army knife hook, you let me know using the following comment box. So, why are you delayed? Use the Swiss army knife hook for multi-purposes right now.

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