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About Us

Arlene J. Clark author of kitchenfiner,About Us

Hi, my name is Arlene J. Clark; I am the founder of kitchenfiner.com. Generally, I am a professional chef based in New York. I love cooking, and I always travel here and there to learn cooking things. I also loved to use a couple of new products related to the kitchen.

Everyone wanted to get safe food and use the right tools for their kitchen. Are you? According to my experience, a new kitchen owner doesn’t understand which tools are better for her/him and also doesn’t know how to keep the kitchen safe.

However, I opened this website for the people who wanted to keep their kitchen safe and also wanted to cook safe and testy food. I always try to help people by sharing my knowledge. So, that’s why I opened this website.

This website provides you with core information about kitchen and kitchen-related products. I also have a team that helps me to collect the information and test different products. So, I think my team and I will help you a lot to consider the right product or get other information.

You can also contact me via this website to get any suggestions or recommendations. I hope that I can help you a lot without providing false information. So, are you ready to get detailed information about products, foods, safety, and updates? If yes, then stay tuned.

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