What Knife to Cut Watermelon? [Included A Cutting Method]

Watermelon comes in different sizes, and of course, it is a hard thing to cut. You may purchase different sizes of watermelon and need to cut it properly. I know you want to apply a perfect knife to the watermelon so that you can comfortably cut the watermelon.

So, what knife to cut watermelon? You can use a Chef’s knife, which comes with at least an 8-inch long blade. The Chef’s knife and 8-inch size blade are truly an ideal option for every people to cut watermelon (any of the sizes) properly and comfortably.

Now, you have a clear concept about the knife, which helps you to cut watermelon comfortably and perfectly. Hey peeps! I am going to share with you more information and the cutting process of the watermelon so that you can get a complete solution from this article.

What Knife to Cut Watermelon?

What Knife to Cut Watermelon
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You can use a large, sharp, Chef’s knife for cutting watermelon. Most kitchens have a Chef’s knife, and if you think that you also have a Chef’s knife, you should not go for another Chef’s knife to cut watermelon.

The best type of knife to use for cutting a watermelon is a serrated knife. A serrated knife has a jagged edge that is perfect for slicing through tough or slippery surfaces, making it the perfect tool for cutting through a watermelon’s rind.

To begin, cut off both ends of the watermelon to create a flat surface on each side. Place the watermelon on one of the flat ends and slice it in half lengthwise. From there, you can either slice the watermelon into wedges or cut it into smaller, more manageable chunks.

If you’re slicing the watermelon into wedges, use a gentle sawing motion with your serrated knife to cut through the rind and flesh. If you’re cutting it into smaller chunks, hold the knife perpendicular to the watermelon and slice down through the rind and flesh, using the jagged edge to guide you through.

However, do you want to get a simple and professional method to cut watermelon? If your answer is yes, you can check out the following method to cut watermelon properly and safely use the knife.

How to Cut a Watermelon? [A Practical Method]

If you want to cut a watermelon (whatever size), you need to complete this simple method which I describe step by step. So, let’s check out the following method and cut your watermelon professionally.

Step 1: Collect Some Important Accessories

Step 2: Rinse & Dry the Whole Watermelon

Keep the watermelon some of the times outside of the fridge so that it is dry and you can comfortably cut down without forcing the watermelon.

Step 3: Cut the Watermelon in Half

Try to measure the center point and use your Chef’s knife to cut it in half. You should cut half of the watermelon first because it helps you a lot to hassle-free slice or cut the whole watermelon.

Step 4: Remove Rind and White Flesh

Now, it is time to remove the rind and white flesh from the watermelon. You need to do it carefully, and it may also need some time to remove properly. So, take your time and remove the rind and white flesh from the watermelon.

Step 5: Cut the Watermelon into Circle Shape

It is time to cut down the watermelon in a circle shape so that you can easily slice any kind of the shape. It would help if you did not cut down the watermelon in a circle shape so thin try to cut the bold size of the watermelon.

Step 6: Slice in Small Pieces

To store the watermelon, you should slice the watermelon into small slices with a square shape. It is very easy to do because you never need to create any extra pressure to cut down the watermelon.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What knife is best to cut a watermelon?

Answer: If you want to choose the best knife for cutting watermelon, you can choose a Chef knife which is truly far better for cutting watermelon. You can also check out the above two knives, which are top-rated for watermelon.

Q: Can you cut a watermelon with a serrated knife?

Answer: Generally, the serrated knife is used for easy things cutting. According to my experience, you can use a serrated knife for cutting watermelon, but you may spend extra-times and don’t maintain professionalism.

Q: What is a watermelon knife?

Answer: A watermelon knife is a knife that helps you to cut watermelon comfortably and professionally. You will discover some knives for watermelon, but you can also use a Chef’s knife for cutting watermelon.

Q: How do you cut a watermelon with a short knife?

Answer: If you have a short knife, you need to cut the watermelon in the center sides. You need to put the knife in the watermelon and cut the whole melon. After that, you need to put the knife again to cut properly.

Q: How do u cut a watermelon?

Answer: To cut a watermelon properly, you need to use a proper knife so that you can hassle-free cut down. To get more information and a simple method, you can check out the above watermelon cutting method.

Final Words!

Are you still confused about this answer? I think you get the right answer and clear yourself to use the Chef knife for cutting watermelon. Moreover, the Chef’s knife or you can also use a watermelon knife to hassle-free cut down the watermelon.

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