What Angle Are Benchmade Knives Sharpened At? [A Practical Answer]

Generally, Benchmade knives are much popular among travelers, fishers, and hunting people. This type of knife comes in a compact and portable shape. So, you can use it in multiple areas, but you should also keep in mind that you need to sharpen it to get the best advantages properly.

So, what angle are Benchmade knives sharpened at? The straightforward answer is 30 to 35 degrees. Moreover, this type of knife comes with so sharpen option so that the customers don’t need to use sharpening things frequently. However, you can also take their service to sharpen the knife.

Benchmade knife is a brand that has provided its customers the best service for a couple of years. However, let’s discuss this matter in detail so that you can easily clear your confusion and get the best answer.

What Angle Are Benchmade Knives Sharpened at?

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30 to 35 degrees are the best option to sharpen a Benchmade knife. According to Benchmade authority, a Benchmade knife is a good option to sharpen using a 30 to 35 degrees angle. I think you can understand which angle you should you to sharpen the knife.

Let’s check out the following section to sharpen the Benchmade knives. The method was working for me, and I still believe that you may also love it and easily sharpen the knives. So, let’s get started.

How to sharpen Benchmade Griptilian?

Generally, Bench-made knives come in various models. The model is also divided into different types of steel or metal. You may check out the following steps to sharpen your Bench-made Griptilian knife (You may have a different mode Bench-made knife, but the sharping process is the same).

Step 1: Check Out That Which Material Blade Your Knife Was Used

First of all, you need to check out that which materials are used in your Bench-made knife. If your Benchmade knife comes with 154cm steel or other size steel as well as high carbon steel, you can check out a diamond blade for sharping the blade.

Step 2: Take Position to Sharp the Blade

Well, you need to take a position before sharping the Bench-made blade. The manufacturer of Bench-made knife recommends you to use 30 to 35 degrees angle sharping, which you need to follow. Take a flat area to take the positions.

Step 3: Start to Sharpen the Bench-made Blade

Now, it is time to start sharpening the Bench-made blade. Don’t worry if you have a Bench-made 940 sharpening angle blade; you can also use the same position without facing any problems. Note, you need to spend some extra time in this section and don’t need to create pressure for sharpening the Bench-made blade.

Step 4: Contact Bench-made

If you think that the process is complicated for you, you can take Bench-made Customer Service hours or customer service. They provide you with a clear idea and are also ready to sharpen your knife without paying much cost. I hope that you can understand whatever I said to you.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How are Bench-made knives sharpened?

Answer: First of all, you need to know which material is used in your Bench-made knives blade. If your Bench-made knife comes with a high steel carbon or medium size, you can use a diamond blade to sharpen the blade. You can also follow the above section to sharpen the knife.

Q: What grit does Bench-made sharpen their knives?

Answer: According to my experience, a Bench-made knife comes with a thousand grit to sharpen the knives. On the other hand, they also use some other grit for special knives, but a thousand grits are common, and they follow it for most of the knives.

Q: What edge does Bench-made use?

Answer: Generally, the Bench-made edge comes with 15017-1 Hidden Canyon Hunter and a compact drop-point fixed blade in premium CPM S90V stainless steel. On the other hand, they also used Select Edge 14-degree included edge for Bench-made knife.

Q: What angle is a Bench-made Bugout?

Answer: A Bugout Bench-made knife comes with a different angle than some other Bench-made knives. However, the manufacturer of the Bench-made Bugout used 15-17 degrees per side. To know further information about this matter, you may let me know the following comment box.


This whole article I wrote for you is based on my experience. After contacting Benchmade authority, I found this information for you. They often suggest that they get the service from them because of a complex process. I think that the above information helps you a lot to sharpen the Bench made knife and understand which angle you actually need to use for sharpening the Bench made knife.

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